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How to start blogging for your Business

how to start blogging

How to start blogging to create more customers and sales

So, you’ve been wandering how to start blogging for your Business?

Blogs have become so popular to help promote Business’s these days that even top Law Firms have started Blogging for profit and to help build their clientele.

Check out this interesting video below talking about how more and more top Law Firms are taking advantage of the new Blogging Trend.

how to start blogging

One of the first things you will need is a “will and desire” to get going as running a blog is a big commitment.

There are many different places where you can start a blog, be it one of the popular free platforms like WordPress, Typepad, Tumbler and Blogger etc or a paid system where you will have more freedom and flexibility to install themes and customize the templates to your own liking.

I think if you are looking for ways on how to start blogging for your Business you want your blog to look and feel professional.

Purchasing your own domain name and hosting account enables you to capitalize on the WordPress Platform and build a really professional looking website.

There are a few points to note with this scenario though:

  • You may already own a Business website and want something simple and user friendly
  • You may not have the time or patience in working out how to set up the blog professionally
  • You will have to learn a lot about WordPress and how to install your site on your own
  • A WordPress site can also cost much more in terms of templates, plugins, add ons etc
  • Can cost anywhere between a few hundred to thousands of dollars if you hire a web design company
  • Be prepared to self teach to train yourself but your time can be worth a lot

OR you could use a complete straight out-of-the-box style platform with Empower Network. The great thing about this system is you will have a complete back office business system accessible from the back end of the blog.

Also access to some of the highest training products online to teach you how you can market and promote your Business online and you will also get to use one of the most advanced platforms online, using an aged domain name with better Authority, power of a huge community, it’s own LIVE proprietary commenting system within the whole network PLUS the added bonus of the system being Viral Blogging System.


how to start blogging

How to start blogging and what to write about

Many people when finding ways of how to start blogging for your business, are not quite sure what to write about. Obviously your blog is going to be to promote your business, products or services or maybe you just want it for staff to post too and show the fun stuff that Company does when the team gets together.

Here are some ideas of what you can use your Blog for:

  • Offering solutions to your target market
  • To help you choose a target market
  • If you are a Network Marketer you will have more leverage to meet your target market
  • What you blog about is totally unique to you and your business
  • Will enable you to research answers to problems which can help your customers or clientele
  • Benefits or creating more interest in your Business, products, sales or services
  • Will help you get to know what your marketplace wants and is looking for
  • You will have the opportunity to become the bridge between the solution and the problem

how to start blogging

Now the next thing you will want to know when looking for ideas of how to start blogging are ways to get great content.

Your best content will always come from you because you know your niche or topic you are writing about if it’s about your business, products or services.

Other ways to find great ideas for content is by searching your topic on the likes of google, reviewing other blogs in the same type of business.

You can also research on social media like facebook, youtube etc and see what people in the same market are talking about.

Also always keep an eye on what’s trending on Alexa, youtube, digg etc

The secret is to learn and share your expertise to people who haven’t learnt it yet, have a true desire to help people and remember what makes you unique is you!

The other thing you need to know when learning how to start blogging is how to keep your reader’s interested by being creative, enthusiastic etc

Here are some more tips to peak your reader’s interests:

  • By pulling reader’s through the story line
  • Blogging about trends, interests, hot topics
  • What your market is interested in
  • Your reader’s will be interested if YOU are interested in the topic
  • Promote and build a blog that interests you
  • Blog about what people care about
  • Talk about what your market is already interested in
  • Write about what type of business you are building
  • What products and services you are promoting
  • Don’t talk about what you want, talk about what THEY want
  • Find your voice and figure out how you are going to deliver the information whether it be through a blog post, audio or video message
  • Be consistent, how often are you posting and feeding them the knowledge so YOU can become the ‘go too’ person they get to know and respect
  • Communicate through the written word and the power of video
  • Expose and express your skillset by offering value to your readers

How to start Blogging and Promoting

how to start bloggingOk, now it’s all very well to set up a new blog, start blogging daily or as often as you can and sit back and wait to gain readership.

This simply will not happen especially if you are in a hurry unless you know some key things.

First of all the art of blogging is in the promotion and marketing.

Spread your new post update along to all sorts of different social media sites, build up your following at these places and your hope is to get your post shared around and people interacting on it.

If you can afford an advertising budget, this will especially get your blog off to a fantastic start. Try investing in some facebook ads, PPC or solo ads.

Join some facebook groups and share your post if it offers a solution to answer a comment etc, do not spam links.

Work out what type’s of Ads are the most effective for you and your business and or market. Where does you market tune in? Do they listen to radio, go online, read the paper, magazines, listening to audio while driving etc

You will also find forums very useful when trying to discover where people are hanging out

Match your traffic (people) up to what your are selling and then you are guaranteed to get better conversions.

So to sum up, my personal advice when learning how to start blogging is to use WordPress OR Empower Network’s Viral Blogging System which you can learn more about HERE.

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